Group Therapy vs Individual Therapy

Do You Prefer Group or Individual Therapy?

Individual Counseling

Posted on October 9, 2014

counseling on individual basisFor certain life difficulties, nothing encourages the healing process like individual counseling. This universal practice involves sitting down with a professional counselor to talk through problems and receive advice. Making use of a professional counselor rather than another kind of acquaintance is important to individual counseling. It is also good to talk to people you trust who are not professional counselors, but for the least biased, most mentally sound and useful perspective, a professional counselor is worth the money.

One way that individual counseling is effective is that it allows the sole focus to be on one individual. In group therapy sessions, this is not the case. When a person does not need to share the floor with others, a lot can be accomplished. Allowing a person to delve back into their memories and uncover the moments that affected them, for better or for worse, is imperative to understanding their psychological make-up. A person can begin to reevaluate themselves using cognitive behavioral techniques when they have the time and the attention of their counselor.

In individual counseling, a person’s privacy is fiercely protected. Because the patient is alone with the counselor, they are free to share things that they would feel uncomfortable sharing in a group setting and a more complete picture of who they are is captured. It is the ethical and legal obligation of that mental health professional to keep the information that is shared in each session confidential.

The therapy received in individual counseling is also far more intensive than it would be in any other setting. Because of the privacy, openness, honesty and individual focus that individual counseling creates, an incredible amount of progress can be made in a reasonable amount of time. And because the sessions are private, barriers are lifted that allow the patient to be more truthful and direct, which facilitates the healing process. Individual therapy is a strong asset to a person looking to recover from mental unhealthiness or distress.

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